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Sydney awards $100,000 grant

Research into the effect of euthanasia laws on palliative care in Australia has been supported with a $100,000 grant from the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.

Monica Doumit: Danger in laws without teeth

Imagine if tomorrow, the NSW Police stopped bothering to enforce our road rules. The laws would remain on the books, but they would not...

Philippa Martyr: Learn to accept being dependent – just like Jesus

Reading Time: 3 minutesA colleague told me the other day about a funeral she’d attended. The deceased was an older man, a high achiever, well educated, retired, with a family he loved. He had a bit of dementia and a few other health issues, and he was absolutely hating the feeling of losing his strength. […]
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Don’t do this, NSW!

Excluding religious perspectives from the discussion over euthanasia is “rejecting the views of one of the chief providers of end-of-life care”, Archbishop Anthony Fisher...

Legalised killing in NSW jumps hurdle

Parliament passes euthanasia bill, now fate of end-of-life care rests with Upper House MPs.

Don’t let this tragedy happen, warn civic, religious leaders and doctors

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws threaten to turn Australia into a two-class society, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has warned.

Euthanasia cannot be made safe

Attempts to limit euthanasia by legalising and then regulating it always fail This article was first published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 14 October...

Where does euthanasia leave people with a disability?

“Surely, with all the safeguards in the Euthanasia Bill, we can be confident nothing untoward will happen. Australia’s not that sort of place.” It’s been...

Archbishop warns: we’re on the verge of a two-class society if...

Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws threaten to turn Australia into a two-class society, Archbishop Anthony Fisher told a rally against proposed euthanasia laws currently...

A lethal jab is not the answer to suffering

Before you say “He would say that, he’s a bishop,” please hear me out. When it comes to calls for euthanasia, I get it,...
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Palliative care experts welcome NSW funding boost

Palliative care experts have welcomed the state government’s plans to boost the sector with an additional $743 million in funding over the next five...