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Monica Doumit: Thank God for Catholic media, or we’d never know...

With wall-to-wall euthanasia on the verge of being implemented across the country, you’d think that journalists would be looking to hold Australia’s governments to account.

Notre Dame wins uni debating cup

University debating isn’t usually a matter of life or death, but for the finalists of this year’s Archbishop’s Debating Cup the stakes were very real when they took to the podium to argue whether Catholics should get out of healthcare rather than comply with NSW’s looming euthanasia scheme.

ACT euthanasia for teens as young as 14

The ACT Government is poised to introduce draft assisted suicide laws this year with a push for teenagers as young as 14 to be allowed to access the system.

Calvary ‘steps away’ from palliative care hospice Clare Holland House

Calvary CEO Martin Bowles said he made the decision with 'a heavy heart' but did not see Clare Holland House as a separate service

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: What’s at stake in the Calvary case

Death and taxes: both are said to be inevitable. And so, it seems, is bracket creep with both. The Benelux countries—Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg—legalised euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in the early 2000s and in each place there was soon pressure to extend ‘death with dignity’ ...

Policy experts slam “appalling” Calvary Hospital takeover process

The ACT Government continues to come under fire over its proposed takeover of Calvary Hospital in Bruce, this time for its “appalling” lack of proper process and failure to acknowledge the religious dimension of the crisis.

New research shows one in four Canadians want euthanasia for the...

Twenty per cent of all Canadians think euthanasia should always be allowed, regardless of who requests it, with over a quarter consenting to the expansion of the Canadian scheme to homeless people and those living in poverty.

Victoria’s rising euthanasia rate shows governments won’t bear the cost of...

Is it a coincidence that palliative care funding shortfalls have been accompanied by a rapidly-rising euthanasia death rate

Kevin Donnelly: God reigns, despite darkness

There’s no doubt baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are living in a very different world compared to what they experienced. Australian society, as...

Conscientious objection conference for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers and students concerned about the encroachment of the law on key life issues, including so-called voluntary assisted dying (VAD) and abortion, will...

VAD deaths rise in Vic

Victorian deaths from Voluntary Assisted Dying have increased by nearly a third over the last year, according to a VAD Review Board report released...

Forget palliative care in Victoria

One in five Victorians will die without access to end of life palliative care in their state this year. For that horror, we can...
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