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nurse adjust patient's IV needle.

Liberal Catherine Cusack defects to support ‘voluntary assisted dying’

Cusack, who will resign from Parliament before the next election, gave an apology for her change of mind during debates on Wednesday

Last chance for NSW to be wise on euthanasia

On euthanasia and assisted suicide in NSW we have a chance to avoid a social, medical and moral disaster - and instead create something noble, compassionate and humane

As Britain says No to assisted suicide, NSW campaigners urge caution

A landmark decision in Britain's House of Lords has big ramifications for the campaign to legalise the killing of patients in NSW

British Parliament rejects amendment to allow assisted suicide

The British Parliament threw out an attempt to legalise assisted suicide in England and Wales. Amendment 170 to the Health and Social Care Bill would...

Palliative Care at risk under euthanasia laws

Euthanasia and voluntary assisted dying (VAD) poses the risk of disruption and intrusion to the practice of palliative care, leaving palliative carers distressed, disempowered and under pressure, the immediate past president of the (ANZSPM) has said.

Hayden Ramsay: Loss of sense a good lesson

Reading Time: 3 minutesI’m recuperating from a nasty bout of covid. It had many unwelcome effects. Surprisingly, complete loss of smell has been if not the hardest, the saddest. I used to teach St Thomas Aquinas and enjoyed very much his profound reverence for our bodily lives. Reconciling this reverence with the even more ancient […]
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New UK study shows correlation between suicides, assisted dying

Violent suicides increase in countries where assisted suicide and euthanasia are legalised, a new study shows. A 35-page study published in The Journal of Ethics in Mental...

NSW dying Bill danger

People against euthanasia and assisted suicide laws in New South Wales are being urged to sign and share a digital petition.

Stand against death Bill: MP

As attacks on the dignity of human life escalate in NSW, a State MP has launched an ePetition in the latest attempt to stop...

Healing hands reflect on the bigger picture

Like any other medical body, the Australian Catholic Medical Association talked about the issues of the day – such as Covid and euthanasia – at its annual gathering in Sydney on 11 December.
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Palliative care experts welcome NSW funding boost

Palliative care experts have welcomed the state government’s plans to boost the sector with an additional $743 million in funding over the next five...