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Palliative care’s future under euthanasia

For many doctors and nurses who become palliative care clinicians the decision to devote themselves to end-of-life care comes mid-way through their career. A junior...

Euthanasia victory a dark day for NSW: Archbishop Fisher

Euthanasia legislation has passed the NSW Parliament, with Archbishop Anthony Fisher describing it as “truly a dark day for New South Wales”. The Voluntary Assisted...

The body language of death: NSW’s euthanasia vote

Conscience votes are described as those of “moral or social significance” that “generally reflect morally and socially divisive issues of the time”. When members...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Statement on the need to protect faith...

A statement from the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP For the past two years society has been stopped in time. We...

Margaret Somerville: Euthanasia harms the common good

Why, after millennia of regarding euthanasia as a serious crime, do many people now consider it an ethical “medical treatment”? In part, it comes...

NSW ‘voluntary assisted dying’ bill vote in May

With only eight MLCs left to speak on the bill, the issue will likely come to a head on May 11 when NSW Parliament returns

Conscience concerns rise

With debate on Independent MP Alex Greenwich’s “voluntary assisted dying” legislation coming to a head in the NSW Upper House, Catholic aged care providers are concerned they will be forced to allow euthanasia on premises without conscience protections.
nurse adjust patient's IV needle.

Liberal Catherine Cusack defects to support ‘voluntary assisted dying’

Cusack, who will resign from Parliament before the next election, gave an apology for her change of mind during debates on Wednesday

Last chance for NSW to be wise on euthanasia

On euthanasia and assisted suicide in NSW we have a chance to avoid a social, medical and moral disaster - and instead create something noble, compassionate and humane

As Britain says No to assisted suicide, NSW campaigners urge caution

A landmark decision in Britain's House of Lords has big ramifications for the campaign to legalise the killing of patients in NSW
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The woman who confounds both left and right

By Lois M Collins Elizabeth Bruenig makes no apologies. Not for her progressive politics, not for her Catholic faith and certainly not for having children...