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NSW claims “death capital” status

NSW is on track to become the euthanasia capital of the country, with a shocking 131 deaths in the first three months of operation, and an average of 18 people being prescribed lethal drugs each week.

In a world of counterfeits, real choice is known by what...

The task for the pro-life movement in the coming years will be demonstrating authentic choice in a world swimming in counterfeits. But how? writes Monica Doumit.

ACT passes nation’s most extreme euthanasia laws

The Australian Capital Territory has passed its voluntary assisted dying laws amid an ongoing push to widen access to the scheme to children, those from other states, and people with diminished responsibility.

The end of Christian influence in France may be here

French deputies began to work on the proposed "end of life" bill 27 May, which, as it now stands, promises to be extremely permissive regarding euthanasia and medically assisted suicide, marking the potential end of Christianity's influence in France.

Monica Doumit: With religious freedom under grave threat, how did it...

: Recent years have seen many anti-family and anti-faith laws and policies introduced in Australia and around the world. Are they a series of unfortunate, yet unrelated events, or is there more to the story?

Conscientious objections downplayed in ACT dying report

A parliamentary inquiry into the ACT's proposed voluntary assisted dying laws has been criticised for a “serious omission” in making no recommendations for conscientious objection provisions in its majority report.

Sign the petition: Outcry over palliative care funding cuts

Liberal MLC Susan Carter is urging people to petition for the restoration of palliative care funding to the levels promised by the former Coalition government

More than 100 killed in South Australia euthanasia scheme’s first year

Numbers expected to increase in South Australia, as ACT prepares to introduce nation's most extreme voluntary assisted dying scheme

ACT Human Rights Commission pushes dying laws for youth and those...

The Australian Capital Territory Human Rights Commission is pushing hard for children, teenagers and people who lack capacity to give consent at the time...

Updated: Court ruling on telehealth euthanasia ‘win for commonsense’ says Bishops’...

A Federal Court judge has ruled that euthanasia by telehealth is illegal, a decision welcomed by Bishop Timothy Harris of Townsville

‘Not right’ for Catholics choosing VAD to receive Eucharist, bishops advise

Catholics seeking euthanasia should not receive the anointing of the sick and the Eucharist said Australian Catholic Bishops.

Tough year for ‘battle-weary’ Catholics

As Australia’s politicians prepared to close up shop, there were a number of developments of note to people of faith.
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