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Losing respect for humans

I had occasion recently to sign my own “do not resuscitate” directive before surgery.
All very standard, I was assured. A friendly member of the hospital staff thrust it my way, told me what it was and I signed it without reading any of it. (Who reads anything in an emergency room before the anesthesia kicks in?)

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Faith key to country’s stability

Speaking at the launch of Ethos, a new ACU event series discussing public ethics and the future of Australia, Chris Uhlmann said Australia faced...

EthicsFinder breakthrough

As public discourse becomes more fraught and the internet becomes more overgrown, Catholics looking for reliable sources on contentious ethical issues must often struggle...

Monica Doumit: When science outruns ethics

In this week’s edition of the paper, Marilyn Rodrigues has written about the submission to the inquiry on legalising mitochondrial donation in Australia from...

‘Artificial embryos’ first doesn’t cancel out fundamental human life questions

Now we have 'artificial' human embryos and everyone is acclaiming this latest scientific development. But is this just another case of scientific progress outstripping moral and ethical reflection and reasoning?

Margaret Somerville: Withdrawing artificial hydration and nutrition

Withdrawing artificial delivery of food and water to patients can be ethically complex It can be unethical to withdraw artificial hydration and nutrition and doing...

In debt for doctor’s far-reaching vision for the culture of life

It’s said that if you aren’t on social media you don’t exist. The frightening cultural amnesia bequeathed by this nostrum was brought home at...

Inverting medical ethics to suit politics

  By Dr Bernadette Tobin A thought experiment Daniel Sulmasy, a Catholic medical doctor and philosopher who works at Georgetown University in Washington DC, once invited us...

Gene-editing human embryos ‘a train wreck’

Editing genes in human embryos and implanting them in a woman was not safe, says ethicist.
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