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Editorial: King Charles III reigns, but Christ rules

Critics of the coronation should remember that power and legitimacy are conferred by ritual, not obscured by it. Without ceremonies like the coronation, what else can shape the ways in which power can be used?

Come into yourself, shake off frustrations

After nearly two and a half years of COVID-19, a war in Ukraine, floods throughout NSW, endless rain in Sydney, a failed religious discrimination bill, the approach of a vote on euthanasia on Macquarie Street and now a federal election campaign, anyone could be forgiven for being depleted this Easter.

Equity, diversity and inclusion not absolute

In the wake of the French Revolution, the triplet of “liberty, equality, fraternity” emerged as a moral compass for secular society.

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Editorial: Euthanasia’s backers: all talk, no answers

In recent weeks The Catholic Weekly has devoted its editorial attention to the issue of euthanasia and the purely emotive campaign which underpins current...

Editorial: A report, a conversion and God’s good grace

Two events took place in October which expressed and revealed something of the fundamental crises facing the Church in the modern world. The first was...

Author is right: trans phobias hurt society

  Author JK Rowling is about as famous and accomplished an author as it’s possible to get. Until recently she was widely admired throughout the world...

Editorial: Time for the Northern Territory to catch up

Perhaps, when they were younger, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, and the Territory’s Attorney General, Natasha Fyles, both watched the...

Editorial: From fire and blood the faith rises

A fire guts a world-famous cathedral. On the other side of the world fanatics slaughter hundreds. Are the two things related? Two events of the...
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