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Robyne Ferri’s LA party lifestyle was transformed by God’s grace

Working in a bar by day and hitting the dance floor at night, Robyne Ferri 's life in Los Angeles was being helped by evil forces.

5 things parents should discuss before their teen goes out

If you allow your teen to attend a sleepover, party or gathering on a Saturday night, you've made a pretty big decision. They're going...

Stopping the senseless loss of life

By Paul Dillon Often after finishing a Parent Information Evening someone will approach me and thank me for the talk and then say something along...

Tony Wood: Testing would still have failed my daughter

In 1995 our 15-year-old daughter, Anna, ingested an ecstasy tablet at a dance party in Sydney. The result was she stopped breathing in my arms....

Pill Testing: Arguments For and Against

Tens of thousands of young people attend music festivals every year amid a national debate about whether Australia should introduce pill testing at public...
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