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Philippa Martyr: When children walk away from the Faith

When you choose to keep your Catholic faith and pray for your children, everyone wins.

Philippa Martyr: Barking up the wrong pulpit

Francis Sullivan’s passion is undoubted. His grasp of the real issues facing the Church isn’t. Francis Sullivan recently expressed concerns in the US National Catholic...

Dr Philippa Martyr: Will someone please explain what’s going down in...

Just when you think this year couldn’t get any stranger, the German Church takes us to a whole new level of you-can’t-make-this-up. Just this week,...

Precisely which Church? A response to the Plenary Discernment papers

Going down this path would mean the Plenary Council risking creating an additional enormous layer of Church bureaucracy
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Unveiling a desire for the God of beauty

The Catholic Weekly spoke to four Sydney women about what led them to embracing more traditional styles of dress and encouraging others who wish...