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How to be ignored during the synodal process

The new Synod working document is more sensible than previous stages, and common sense is beginning to prevail. Of course, this has upset some people, which reminded Philippa Martyr of her own synodal experience…

Who’s responsible for bringing back the church’s lost sheep?

In the Biblical parable, Jesus described a shepherd with a flock of 99 faithful sheep and one rogue sheep. In the church in Australia today, we have the reverse: around 92 missing sheep for every eight sheep going to Mass on Sunday. Whose job is it to bring them back?

A Catholic revival is upon us. Feel free to enjoy it

Between an influx of new converts and a raft of high-profile figures making nice with God—including Jordan Peterson and Richard Dawkins—we’re witnessing the beginning of a Catholic revival. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it, but we shouldn’t lose our heads, writes Philippa Martyr

Philippa Martyr: Everyone must learn humility the hard way

Palm Sunday at last! I’ve found the last few weeks of Lent quite challenging. It turns out that I need to work much harder on all the virtues I’ve been writing about.

Dr Philippa Martyr: Patience is a seedbed for many virtues

Rather than indulging our bad habits and emotions, we can overcome them by being less reactive and cultivating patience, writes Dr Phillippa Martyr

Declutter this Lent, and drive out envy and avarice

Envy and avarice drive our consumer society, but trust in God means being able to let go of the craving for more stuff, writes Dr Philippa Martyr

Philippa Martyr: Choose a good guide for the year’s journey

My sister and I have holidayed in England. It’s a great country to get lost in because people would often say, “Come and I’ll show you”.

What is the best gift you can give this Christmas?

It’s the night before Christmas. Didn’t that Advent go quickly? Here we are at the manger three weeks later, and it’s time to give gifts.

Philippa Martyr: Convert or cradle, we aren’t so different

About 20 years ago when I was living in the UK, I remember browsing a hardcover annual Catholic directory published by the Catholic bishops’...

Dr Philippa Martyr: Catholic youth are the true heirs of Vatican...

Young Catholics are excited about the future of the church in Australia, and they should be. It’s theirs for the taking.

Dr Philippa Martyr: Massgoing Catholic women are not a radical voting...

In the recent Plenary Council, one group of female voices dominated. But my recent survey data shows the bigger picture about Catholic women

Philippa Martyr: Catholic women want a relationship with Jesus!

When we look at the data on women who are literally in the church—those who go to Mass every Sunday—we can see that they’re there to feel closer to God and have a closer relationship with Jesus in the sacraments
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