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Dr Philippa Martyr: Amnesia about priesthood

To understood priesthood, we need to look at its origins I used to be a great reader of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy series. His view...

Dr Philippa Martyr: Well done on the Instrumentum

Some highlights of the plenary council working document The Instrumentum Laboris has been released to guide the next stage of the Plenary Council Process. I’ve...

Philippa Martyr: Faith’s duty – and responsibility

Some of my readers have picked up on my use of the term ‘practising Catholic’, and they don’t like it. Some tell me that we’re...

Philippa Martyr: A road map for the future

What I would like to see the Instrumentum Laboris for the Plenary do is: Focus on the practicing Catholics first. We are realistically a Church...

Philippa Martyr: Looking the wrong way

The Plenary Council discussions haven’t yet engaged with our demographic problems – even though the Final Report from Phase 1 said (p.1) that the...

Philippa Martyr: Plenary should scrutinise the data

I was absolutely delighted to see that Dr Trudy Dantis, the Director of the National Centre for Pastoral Research (NCPR), is helping to write...

Philippa Martyr: Sex refers to Christ and His Church

This is a remarkable little book, and I have to admit that this is the first full length book by Christopher West I’ve ever...

Philippa Martyr: Better men make better priests

This week it’s clerical celibacy, thanks to my Gentlemen Correspondents. A recurring theme in their arguments is that celibacy is only a discipline, and...

Philippa Martyr: Cleaning the Church starts with you

Clerical sin doesn’t get the rest of us off the hook.

Philippa Martyr: When children walk away from the Faith

When you choose to keep your Catholic faith and pray for your children, everyone wins.
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Loving care until the end

Taking care of her dying mother in her own home is something Melbourne woman Ingrid Kuebler never dreamed she could do.

Haven of healing and hope