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Dr Kevin Donnelly: The importance of a classical education

As Campion College in Sydney is one of the few tertiary institutions dedicated to the liberal/arts it should not surprise it was chosen as the location for a recent seminar dedicated to exploring the nature and importance of a classical school education.

Young, free and strong no more

Something happened to us under restrictions of Covid - and it wasn’t good for us at all One of the most unfortunate aspects of the...

Woke PC culture: it’s beyond rational defence

Those defending political correctness (now rebadged as being woke) argue it is a form of politeness and civility and it pressures people to treat...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: Don’t write off Christianity

Despite the sins of its members, the Christian faith is far greater than opinion polls in the news

After Election 2022: where to from here for Christians?

Now the election has been held and Scott Morrison and the Liberal/Nationals have been replaced by Anthony Albanese and the LGT alliance (the Labor,...

Catholic schools are vital. Making the difference for kids

With Easter approaching and the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus about to be remembered and sanctified, it’s timely to reflect on to what extent schools provide an enriching and worthwhile education; one that enables students to be morally grounded, spiritually enriched and imbued with a deep appreciation of the significance and value of Christianity.

Against the Tide

With a communist father and a Catholic mother, a childhood divided between the radical Eureka youth group and the life of the church, and...

Reactions to Perrottet: some critics are more equal than others

The anti-Catholic criticisms and personal attacks on Dominic Perrottet before and after being appointed the NSW Premier reveal how dangerous and virulent secular critics...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: The Thought Police have not yet finally conquered

The American academic and author Camille Paglia in her book Free Women Free Men published in 2017 provides a scathing condemnation of “the plague...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: Hope amid the dumb darkness

A Senate vote last month offers hope that all may not be lost in the struggle for truth, beauty and goodness The Australian Senate was...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: A fatal confusion of ideas

What does it mean to be a conservative? Such are the tumultuous times we now live in where Western societies across the globe, including...

PC’s bitter aftertaste – public life is going off the rails

Oppose same-sex marriage and you are condemned as homophobic and heteronormative. Argue that gender and sexuality are biologically determined and a man can never be a woman and you are transphobic.
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