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Is divorce contagion really a thing?

The no-fault divorce introduced in Australia in 1975 quickly morphed from a well-intentioned policy into a toxic and highly contagious force. But we can also use the power of social contagion to strengthen our marriages.

Restoring hope in life long marriage

By Francine & Byron Pirola Life Long Marriage There’s a curious thing that happens when a divorce touches a community. Where once parents, friends and siblings believed...

Simcha Fisher: The cross is meant to be co-opted

When Rod Dreher announced he and his wife were divorcing, the first thing I should have done was pray for them. Instead, I braced...

Plenary voices: Fr Julian Wellspring

The Church and her faith moves into the future by way of the family, the family being integral to God's plan of redemption. For...

Boris Johnson, marriage and the Catholic Church

The news this week that the twice divorced British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had married at Westminister Cathedral in London sent the chattering classes...

Being a present Dad when you’re not present

Dads can stay connected with their kids even when they're living apart Research is unequivocal. Dad matters. As long as he is safe towards his family, ...
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