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The Maronite liturgy shows that salvation is a journey

Just like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Christ in his wisdom decides when he will open our eyes, writes Joshua Tamer.

Disciple Diaries Episode Two: Erin Gillard’s story

From a young age, 34-year-old Erin Gillard always harboured a deep yearning to serve God. In this episode of Disciple Diaries, she shares how even a shock diagnosis couldn't dissuade her from serving God

From dawn to dusk, Sydney returns to church for ashes and...

Thousands of Catholics visited Sydney’s CBD churches on Ash Wednesday. The renewed their faith for many different reasons, but all left with the ashes that mark them as Christ’s disciples

Daniel Ang: A pontificate of mercy and mission to the margins

We cannot miss the moment, even if Pope Francis represents neither the first or the last word in the Church’s reflection on evangelisation in...

Catholic Discipleship in a Change of Age

While Christianity has been at the root of many aspects of Western culture, and many of the social institutions that emerged from this Christian...

Go Make Disciples! Fr Mike’s pitch to Sydney

Bible in a Year podcaster makes powerful plea to local Catholics American Catholic priest, university chaplain and internationally renowned podcaster Fr Mike Schmitz has made...

Wichita model may well be the way to go

A New Year is a wonderful thing. It’s like a hotel bed when you first check in: all smooth and unwrinkled and clean. Or a ream of blank paper, full of possibilities.

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Anthony Cleary: The Cross and Christian discipleship

From time to time we have moments in life that we describe as ‘life-changing’. These experiences commonly involve places we visit and people we meet. They...

Sydney in Mission: Calling Disciples of Christ

When the remaining disciples saw the risen Lord on Ascension Mount, Matthew tells us, “they worshipped Him; though some doubted” it was him. “Then Jesus...
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