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Celebrity converts are exciting, but faith and fame don’t mix well

Actor Shia LeBeouf’s reception into the Catholic Church was in the news again for a while, but then it quickly receded. But this isn’t about him, in particular! What it’s about is this: Fame and faith do not mix. When they do, it almost never turns out well!

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Jews and conversion

I work with a Jewish man who shows great interest in the Catholic faith, but at the same time feels attached to his Jewish...

New network seeks to accompany non-Catholics

Two Catholics with backgrounds as pastors in other Christian traditions have launched a network to offer friendship and confidential support to people who, as...

Why I Became Catholic: Emma North

Why I Became Catholic is a regular series where our readers who joined the fold later in life share the story of the journey...

Why I Became Catholic: Stuart Green

In this series, readers share their stories about what led them to join the Catholic Church. If you have a story to tell, why...

Michael Daniel: Time to come home

I cannot remember a time when religious practice was not an integral part of my life. Whilst the Anglican church in which I was raised...

Michael Daniel: Learning to speak Catholic with an accent

there is still the tendency for me to default into using phrases of common prayers from The Book of Common Prayer (1662), such as “the quick and the dead” instead of “the living and the dead”

Les Murray poem led me to the Catholic Church

Meet the man who was inspired by the poetry of Les Murray to enter the Catholic Church. Benjamin Drake, a 32-year-old motion designer for a...
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