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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Conversion therapy ban passes NSW parliament after marathon overnight debate

The New South Wales government has been accused of ramming its conversion practices ban through parliament during a marathon overnight debate.

No time to lose to amend ‘sincere’ but flawed conversion therapy...

There is no time to lose in asking your state MP to make crucial amendments to the NSW Government’s conversion therapy bill.

Monica Doumit: NSW Government delays conversion practices bill, but don’t rest...

Last week, the NSW Government announced that it would not table its bill to ban conversion practices before the end of the year.

Tough year for ‘battle-weary’ Catholics

As Australia’s politicians prepared to close up shop, there were a number of developments of note to people of faith.

NSW won’t ban prayer or preaching says Perrottet, Minns

The NSW government and opposition have promised that any gay conversion therapy legislation passed in the state will not be so broad as to...

Victoria-style ‘conversion ban’ for NSW: Labor

NSW Opposition Leader Chris Minns has pledged to put an end to LGBT conversion practices if he wins the next election, but Christian policy...

Q&A with Fr John Flader: Conversion testimonies are real

Dear Father, I have heard that some people who have changed or addressed their unwanted gay or transgender sexual orientation, or are in the...

Q&A with Fr Flader: Free to do what we tell you...

Dear Father, With legislation in several Australian states prohibiting therapy to help people who wish to change their sexual orientation, is this not a...

Editorial: Denouncing Victorians

State ushers in a disturbing new climate with new law It is difficult to decide which classic of fantasy or dystopian literature best captured the...

Victorian lawmakers ignore warnings on ‘conversion’ ban

Groups across a wide spectrum reacted with dismay and concern to new law.

Victoria’s conversion therapy bill under fire

Faith leaders, doctors warn that 'vague' law change will do more harm than good.

Dr Kevin Donnelly: Techniques to obscure the truth

The art of debate The saying ‘truth is the first casualty of war’ is certainly true as proven by the fallacious and misleading arguments used...
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