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Reflections on the order of sacraments of initiation

While the debate about the best order of the reception of the sacraments of initiation may continue, we are invited to first and foremost consider our readiness for the graces they confer at any age, so that we might bear lasting fruit.

Restored order of sacraments and family catechesis: a combination that works

My nine-year-old was recently confirmed, the first in our family who has received both the “restored order of sacraments” and whole-family faith formation. As a way of emphasising that faith is a matter for our whole lives, it has serious strengths, writes Simcha Fisher.

Top Ten Confirmation names for Sydney

Sydney’s confirmation season is in full swing and while perennial favourites remain popular for confirmation names, some lesser-known saints are also making the top ten, according to Sydney’s auxiliary bishops and religious education coordinators.

Faith’s now a family affair as priest confirms parents

While it was Fr Stephen Hill who introduced his parents to the Catholic Church, it was they who made the decision to enter it. The parish administrator of St Joseph’s Newtown, also home to the parish of St Bede the Venerable which ministers to members of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross, confirmed Joy and Darryl Hill on Easter Sunday as they were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church.

Confirming the perfect sponsor

With confirmation season just around the corner, more than 6000 primary school children from across the Sydney Archdiocese have begun preparations for the Sacrament. And...

Simcha Fisher: Confirmation candidates need Eucharistic Adoration

Never mind community service hours. Confirmation candidates should be required to log a certain number of Eucharistic Adoration hours. 100% serious. That's what I tweeted...
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