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A window into the mysterious world of those who lead our...

This is a book for bishops. I am one bishop who is grateful to have read it. It was a very beneficial source for personal reflection and offered much to ponder both from history and from current experience.

Synod call to communion can help a fractured world, theologian says

The Catholic Church is called to be an instrument of communion with God and unity among all people, but it requires grace and "learning to 'bear with' reality, gently, generously, lovingly and courageously for the peace and salvation of the whole world."

Philippa Martyr: Making life and faith match at Mass

Are you eucharistically coherent? This is a personal question - but also a public one. Eucharistic coherence is a way of saying that your soul, your conduct, and your beliefs all line up each time you receive Holy Communion. But isn’t this a private thing that only I and God know about? Is this anyone else’s business?

The wine which prefigures an eternal and heavenly banquet

Some years ago a mind I revere, Fr Herbert McCabe, spoke about why we couldn’t consecrate burgers and Coca-Cola at mass. One good answer...

Philippa Martyr: Want to know Jesus more? Eat Him

It was a delight to wake up on Corpus Christi morning and read about the US bishops’ new National Eucharistic Revival. My joy was...

San Francisco prelate says no Communion for Pelosi over her abortion...

Julie Asher, CNS In a move which flashed around the Catholic world, San Francisco's archbishop declared on 20 May that one of the most powerful...

Fr John Flader Q&A: Communion under both species

In my last column I mentioned that Communion was received under both species, that is from the chalice as well as the host, until the 12th Century, when the practice died out. I concluded with the Council of Constance (1414-18), which banned the practice altogether.

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Q&A with Fr John Flader: Non-Catholic communions

Dear Father, I saw the recent article in The Catholic Weekly saying that a German bishop is giving Holy Communion to Protestants who ask...

Fr Flader: The Supper of the Lamb

“Dear Father, When the priest holds up the host before Communion and says, “Blessed are those called to the supper of the Lamb”, is...

Big questions: the Pandemic, our Mission and the New Evangelisation

this cataclysm has removed from our path artificial obstacles to new endeavours and underscored the part each of us can play as the baptised in the rebuilding of the new world that awaits

Bishop Richard Umbers: Intellect also immersed in daily call to holiness

Saint John Henry Newman (1801-1890), one of our newest Saints, was an Oxford scholar and well-known for his conversion from the Church of England...

Biden denied Communion at Mass over abortion

A US Catholic Parish Priest has refused to give Communion to a former Vice President because of his support for abortion
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