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Philippa Martyr: No, the Gospels aren’t about sorting your recycling

The psalms and readings from Lauds and Vespers are bursting with the abundance of God through creation and how much he provides.

Youth and climate forms Cardinal Ribat’s main mission

On Good Friday this year the young Catholics of the Archdiocese of Port Moresby led about a thousand people on a seven-hour Way of the Cross from its cathedral, St Mary’s, to St Charles Lwanga church in a northern suburb of the Papua New Guinean capital.

Faiths bring authority to bear on climate

Faith leaders are playing an increasingly important role in the global climate change movement, with the major achievement of the COP27 conference in Sharm...

Eco conversion priority

Australia’s natural environment is under increasing stress and has one of the highest rates of species decline in the world, according to a government...

Labor courts faiths at climate summit

After a year of pandemic church closures, the Religious Discrimination Bill and a plethora of other issues ranging from euthanasia in NSW to the...

Mark Shea: Be confident in the Gospel

Last time in this space we discussed the embarrassment of a Catholic school forbidding its students to wear their uniforms to a climate change...

Mark Shea: How not to evangelise

As an American, I generally try to make it a habit to stay out of the internal affairs of other countries, such as Australia. How...

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet Review

“The natural world is fading. It’s happened in my lifetime. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. This film is my witness statement.” That’s the...

Why put your climate-faith in an archbishop’s footnotes?

Yet, one still has cause to wonder. Why evaluate the level of climate-faith and the rate of ecological-conversion in the “Australian Church” by restricting one’s analysis to Archbishop Fisher’s footnotes alone?

Schools head: Support anti-bullying tomorrow

Catholic Schools NSW chief executive officer Dallas McInerney has discouraged students from attending public protests today and asked them to instead support the National...

Science should serve humanity, says Pope

Scientists worldwide must serve humanity and the health of the planet, Pope Francis said.
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