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Monica Doumit: NSW Government delays conversion practices bill, but don’t rest...

Last week, the NSW Government announced that it would not table its bill to ban conversion practices before the end of the year.

Parents have a role in keeping kids safe online

Being a parent or caregiver today is the hardest job there is. As the mother of five boys, I know it as much as anyone. Our love for our children is clouded with worry for the world they are moving into. It is so different from when we grew up.

Keeping kids safe online: predators are real

A true tale Late in 2019, 37-year old woman Roo Powell used clothing, makeup and special tech effects to become 11-year-old Bailey, a fictitious on-line...

Church culture must ‘never be complacent’ on child safety

Last Sunday the Archdiocese of Sydney's Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office launched new resources for children and young people to mark the first day...
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