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Alex’s journey across Christianity to Catholicism

From Eastern Orthodoxy to Pentecostalism to Catholicism, Alex Limneos has found his spiritual home and is now helping the next generation of young Catholics find theirs.

Breakdown to breakthrough: How Alpha brought Chris back from the brink

The Alpha program gave Chris, a cradle Catholic whose faith had lapsed, the foundation to rediscover and finally embrace his roots. Now he serves on his parish's Alpha team

From penpals to faithful friends

A world apart, Maria Monro and Jean D’Souza have celebrated 60 years of friendship since becoming pen pals through The Catholic Weekly.

All Saint’s Parish album launch

All Saints parish in Liverpool has launched its first album, All Saints Youth, a set of traditional and new Catholic songs.

Development fund celebrates three decades

The Archbishop of Sydney has opened the doors of Cathedral House to invite past and present members of the Catholic Development Fund

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Our Lady of Tears...

Dear Fr John Flader, A Brazilian friend recently told me he prays a devotion to Our Lady of Tears every day. What is the devotion's origin?

Kids say Gregorian chant helps them love God, their faith

The resounding success of the Jubilate Deo program has taken staff, parents and students by surprise

Nativity sets put faith in the front yard

With Advent just weeks away, Catholic families are ditching Santa, Rudolph and candy canes for the Holy Family

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: What Synodality is, and is not

Although we might think it a novel concept in the pontificate of Pope Francis, the noun σύνοδος (synod) has a long history in Catholic thought and practice,[1] especially in Eastern Christianity.

Philippa Martyr: Convert or cradle, we aren’t so different

About 20 years ago when I was living in the UK, I remember browsing a hardcover annual Catholic directory published by the Catholic bishops’...

Philippa Martyr: Let’s ask why youth stay, not why they go

In the last 30 years, we have spent a lot of time and money writing reports about lapsed Catholics and youth. We always find the same thing.

Monica Doumit: Finding friends through faith

It’s hard to think of a better greeting than having someone you just met tell you they have been praying for you. I have spent the past few days at a Catholic media conference in Baltimore in the United States, and on the first night, joined a table of other conference participants at the bar.
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