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Pope Francis made it clear the church can’t ordain women as...

I think that satisfying the desire of a very small group of affluent women who want the diaconate for themselves for personal reasons is not enough of a reason to upend 2,000 years of church teaching. And thankfully this time round, Pope Francis agrees with me, writes Dr Philippa Martyr.

Europe makes surrogacy a human trafficking crime

Europe takes a stand against human trafficking with new laws on surrogacy. Understand the conditions under which it is considered a crime.

Simcha Fisher: What are your kids reading? Do you trust them...

When my family used to homeschool, I used to interrogate myself about which was be worse: The horrible knowledge that I was in charge of everything they would learn that day? Or (if we switched to someone else teaching) the horrible knowledge I wasn’t in charge of anything they would learn that day? 

Monica Doumit: Greenwich ‘equality’ Bill could make religious teaching on gender...

Should consistently refusing to use a person’s preferred name and pronouns in the hope that they will not persist with their transgender identity put...

Philippa Martyr: Do Catholic youth really want to change the church?

I’m continuing to explore a group of around 700 young Australian Catholics who go to Mass. They are divided into two groups – the weekly massgoers, or “weeklies”, and the less regular massgoers, or “irregulars.”

Philippa Martyr: What do young Catholics actually believe?

Can we assume that just because someone turns up at Mass, they believe what the church teaches? You would think so, but it’s not always the case. I’m sure we’ve all been to that parish barbeque.

Monica Doumit: Can Tasmania tolerate clear Catholic teaching on marriage and...

If you want to know the end-game of those pushing to remove exemptions for religious schools in anti-discrimination law, you only need to look at what has been happening in Tasmania. A new curriculum for Year 11 and Year 12 religion is planned to begin next year.

Pope calls for a new sexual revolution

Humanity needs a “new revolution” in how it thinks about sex, Pope Francis has said in two recent addresses, adding that “gender ideology” is a form of ideological colonisation that seeks to “cancel differences.”

Parental rights backed

NSW Legislative Council committee report backs parental rights in draft Latham gender legislation. Parents will have a legal right to withdraw their children from classes...

Mark Shea: Be confident in the Gospel

Last time in this space we discussed the embarrassment of a Catholic school forbidding its students to wear their uniforms to a climate change...

Dr Kevin Donnelly: Techniques to obscure the truth

The art of debate The saying ‘truth is the first casualty of war’ is certainly true as proven by the fallacious and misleading arguments used...
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