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Philippa Martyr: Alternatives to lay preaching

Some persistent voices – among them Dr Maeve Heaney - have worked hard to get a proposal for lay preaching incorporated into the Plenary...

Philippa Martyr: Repentance is where true joy can begin

  I promised you some joy this week. But bear with me - it’s all connected with why Catholics need to be different, and why...

George Weigel: Hans Küng and the perils of fame

If you’ve got talent, a famous baseball player here in the US once told a promising up-and-coming teammate, fame can’t help you, but the...

New priests will spark a ‘spiritual pandemic’

Sydney's four newest priests have a special role during a time of uncertainty, says Archbishop.

Priest donates his kidney to parishioner

This priest's appeal to his parish to consider helping sick mother took a surprising turn.
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