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Simcha Fisher: In which I contract driving madness

Reading Time: 5 minutesCan I tell you about my week? Can I just tell you? To understand what really happened — to truly savour the full robust flavor of the drink I am about to proffer you — you have to understand that, the whole time everything I am about to tell you is going […]
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Mark Shea: On humour

I think I have a pretty good sense of humour.  My wife tends to disagree.  I have a weakness for really dumb gags.  I...

Simcha Fisher: Has the pandemic improved you too much? A quiz

Take The CW pandemic personal improvement quiz Here we are, just about on the other side of the pandemic. Yes we are. Quiet, I said...

Simcha Fisher: How to clean up, according to my kids

My kids feel very strongly about housework We have a small house, by American standards. It's about 1500 square feet, and 11 people live and...

Simcha Fisher: How Catholic parishes can help an under-served community

Our pastor recently distributed pencils and slips of paper, and humbly asked us to write down what the parish could do to help bring...
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Lockdowns sparked a mental health crisis

Juliette Kirkwood began work as a Community Care Worker in CatholicCare’s parish program a year and a half ago, but grew up in South-Western...

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