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Cross removed from Calvary as ACT Govt executes hospital takeover

After a five-week campaign to save the hospital, the ACT Government's planned acquisition went ahead on its planned date of 3 July

Calvary legal challenge dismissed by ACT Supreme Court

Fr Tony Percy, head of the Catholic campaign to save the Hospital has asked supporters to “accept the decision” and write to their MPs

Caring for the elderly: Why it’s more than an obligation

By Brigid Meney Pope Francis recent public message urging us to honour, serve and show love for the elderly was a moving address and one...

Pope visits Marian shrine on release from hospital

The pope thanked Mary "for the success of his surgery and offered a prayer for all the sick, especially those he had met during his stay in hospital".

Health leaders respond to NSW palliative care promise

Advocates welcomed a promised boost to palliative care funding in next week’s NSW budget but say more needs to be done to ensure it is widely available.

Catholic Hospitals urge retailers to stop selling N95 masks

Catholic Health Australia are calling on retailers to stop selling N95 hospital-grade masks to the public as limited numbers in Australia will be exhausted.

Catholic healthcare: there for everyone who’s sick

On 11 February the Church observed the 28th World Day of the Sick, an occasion to be in prayerful solidarity with those suffering ill...
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