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Croydon parish catechises for Christmas

In preparing for the birth of Jesus, St Joseph’s Maronite Church are delivering a family-oriented Christmas program.

Fr Peter Kwak: Doctrinal clarity not always the pope’s priority 

Lest I be misunderstood, I preface the article by affirming the utmost importance of doctrinal clarity, which is a sign to us of the solicitude of God who wants us to know that, yes, Emmanuel! God is with us and we are not left alone in the darkness of ignorance or error.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: True love and friendship

This is the edited text of the Catechesis given by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on ‘Social Friendship’ at World Youth Day 2023 Lisbon, on...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Integral and spiritual ecology

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP's Catechesis on ‘Integral Ecology’ for World Youth Day 2023 at the Jardim da Avenida João Branco Núncio, Lisbon, Wednesday 3...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: On Social Friendship

Homily by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP for Thursday of the 17th Week in Ordinary Time, Year 1 and ‘Rise Up Meeting’ for World Youth...

Burgers, music and faith post pandemic

FIDELIS meets need across the city’s young While Sydney is a big and bustling city, for some young adults who want to grow in their...

Catechists needed: to apply, pray now

Teresa Lattouf says that living with a disability has not stopped her from living her childhood dream of being a teacher and sharing the most important lessons she has ever learnt.

Syro-Malabar Catholics take advantage of lockdowns

While many Sydneysiders spent lockdown homeschooling children or binge-watching TV, the parishioners of Christ the King Syro-Malabar Mission, Villawood, received a mission from the Holy Spirit: handwrite the entire Bible in 40 days. Shiny Sinu, the leader of “Christ Culture” charismatic movement in Sydney, was inspired to undertake the project during prayer. “One day I […]

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Simcha Fisher: How I’m teaching about confession with the Sheep Game

My faith formation class -- mostly eight-year-olds -- has watched this amazing video several times. It's short, and shows a man rummaging around in...

Bankstown youth get a lesson in Lent

Young adults of St Felix de Valois, Bankstown, were delighted to receive inspiring tips on preparing for Easter at the first of regular catechesis...

The Faith Formation Lacuna: Missionary Disciples and the RCIA

Feedback from Plenary 2020 consultations across the nation reveals a widespread call from the faithful for ‘adult faith formation’.

Simcha Fisher: Teaching 7- and 8-year-olds about their faith

This year, I started volunteering as a faith formation teacher for Grade 2, which is preparation for first confession. I always had it in...
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