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Melto D’ Moronoyo: The Cardinal who loved Lebanon

Cardinal loved Lebanon The more we shed light on the life and achievements of his Eminence George Cardinal Pell the more we realise that he...

David Pell’s eulogy for Cardinal Pell: A good and holy man,...

 “Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!” rang out across Peter’s Square, when “Giorgio Pell, Sydney”, was announced as the next candidate to be made...

“A lion of the Church”: Sydney farewells Cardinal George Pell

 By Adam Wesselinoff, Debbie Cramsie and Marilyn Rodrigues   The Catholic Church in Sydney has farewelled its former Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell, in a funeral at...

Cardinal Pell to be farewelled and buried in Sydney on 2...

A Pontifical Requiem Mass for Cardinal George Pell will be held at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney on Thursday 2 February at 11am, following...

Sydney offers Requiem Mass for “most gentle” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s life and teaching contributed to both the Church and wider society but above all he was a man who deeply...

Cardinal Pell’s friends and colleagues recall his kindness and devotion

Many of Cardinal George Pell's friends and colleagues remembered him for being extraordinarily generous in his devotion to the Church and to others following...

National award for Pell coverage

The Catholic Weekly’s feature on the acquittal of Cardinal George Pell, “Anatomy of a Travesty”, has won the Australasian Catholic Press Association’s 2022 prize...

The devil was in the detail

Book review: Cardinal Pell, the media pile-on and collective guilt by Gerard Henderson By John S Webster A standard text in various school curricula is Reginald...

Seeing the cross up close

In the third volume of his prison diaries, Cardinal Pell reveals the insights he gained into suffering Cardinal George Pell, jailed for more than a year for sex abuse crimes he ultimately was cleared of, said the experience enabled him to understand suffering as a redemptive process that allows one to identify closely with Christ. “Suffering […]

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Book shatters the pretence in Pell affair

Former Prime Minister John Howard has written he “never believed” the charges against Cardinal Pell in the foreword to a new book by Sydney Institute Executive Director Gerard Henderson. The book, Cardinal Pell, the Media Pile-on and Collective Guilt, forensically dissects and analyses the near-universal hostile reporting of the case by media personalities and organisations […]

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The hunting of an innocent man

Gerard Henderson’s book analysing the influences at work in Cardinal Pell’s prosecution will be published in December. Here are some excerpts Paul Barry’s ABC Media Watch Cop-Out ABC TV’s Media Watch program commenced in 1989. Since then, all its presenters have been left-of-centre journalists, including such Pell-antagonists as David Marr and Richard Ackland. Paul Barry […]

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Catholics should debate issues, not debase each other, cardinal says

Increasingly bitter polarisation is a problem, said Cardinal Pell in a recent interview.
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