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Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, Special Edition

Cardinal Joseph Zen wrote a letter to the bishop-members of Synod-2023, which has been circulating privately. Permission was received to share this letter publicly. It is an honor to do so here, with its original bold-faced emphases included.

George Weigel: An evening with two white martyrs

On the night of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s funeral, Cardinal George Pell hosted a dinner in his apartment for a group of like-minded mourners,...

Let’s pray for Cardinal Zen

By Our Sunday Visitor Editorial Board   If you wonder about China’s attitude to the Church, putting a 91-year-old on trial makes it pretty clear “Martyrdom is...

Hong Kong: Wiping Out Both Memory and Speech

Individual and collective memory is an essential - though notoriously unstable - human element. For those who have lived and suffered under injustice and totalitarianism...

No-one is bound to desert China’s faithful

Cardinal Parolin, he has bluntly told media, is misleading Pope Francis on the whole issue.
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