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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Minister for Women ‘considers’ hospital funding tie to abortion

The Federal Minister for Woman Katy Gallagher has said she will “consider” a 2019 Labor policy tying hospital funding to abortion provision.

Monica Doumit: Thank God for Catholic media, or we’d never know...

With wall-to-wall euthanasia on the verge of being implemented across the country, you’d think that journalists would be looking to hold Australia’s governments to account.

Dr Patrick McArdle: Faith’s freedom narrows after Calvary

As of 3 July, Calvary Public Hospital no longer exists. Nearly half a century of service to Canberra by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary and those who inherited their ministry has ended in public health care.

George Weigel: Embracing the Redeemer

The rejection of Christ The Gospel readings during Lent when much of the world was in lockdown remind us that opposition to Jesus and his...
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