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Marian devotions on the rise in Sydney

Sydney may be known as Australia’s “sin city” but it is also a place where Our Lady is being increasingly known and loved, and where Catholics are unafraid to witness to our faith in public

Monica Doumit: Oatlands memorial shows new life blossoms forth from tragedy

Seeing little Selina Abdallah playing at the launch of a memorial to her family's tragedy was a sign that grace can bring light out of darkness, writes Monica Doumit

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese: Abdallah and Sakr families show us our...

"The light of your grace brightens the way for all of us, especially for the most important journey of all—the journey that each of us must take into our own hearts."

PM, Premier join Abdallah and Sakr families for memorial garden opening

The PM, NSW Premier and other dignitaries joined Danny and Leila Abdallah, Bridget Sakr and Craig Mackenzie, their extended family and friends for the blessing of the Oatlands memorial to Antony, Angelina, Sienna and Veronique

Rosary crusade called for families

Sydney Catholic Bridget Sakr is so convinced of the power of prayer she is leading a call to raise 100,000 pledges to pray a daily rosary during this month for the protection of every single Australian.

Bridget’s Heartfelt message for November

By Leanne Favotto As students and staff at St Mary’s primary in Concord paused to honour the dead at a Mass to mark All Souls...

Personal tragedy inspires public service: Bridget Sakr shares her story

Just over two years ago, Bridget Sakr’s 11-year-old daughter Veronique was killed along with her three cousins by a drunk and drugged driver at...

Bridget Sakr reaches out to grieving families

Veronique's mother is leading weekly online gatherings to help others bring their grief to prayer.

Mothers say faith has kept them going

The mothers of four children killed in Oatlands tragedy say God has helped them persevere.

Veronique Sakr farewelled with love

"God has prepared me for today," said Bridget Sakr at the funeral for her daughter killed in Oatlands tragedy.
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