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NT bishop vows not to give up over schools

Bishop Charles Gauci of Darwin has vowed not to give up after the Northern Territory government passed far-reaching legislation removing religious exemptions to the...

Philippa Martyr: The bishops’ Praetorian Guards

Imagine an Australian diocese in which Fr Youngtrad, a recently ordained priest, phones his bishop - and the bishop answers his own phone. Fr Youngtrad...

Bendigo gets its eighth bishop

Amid the soaring neo-gothic grandeur of Sacred Heart Cathedral, former Ballarat priest Shane Mackinlay was consecrated as the eighth bishop of the historic goldrush...

New bishops first consecrated under China-Vatican pact

The ordination of Bishop Anthony Yao Shun of Jining in China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region was the first episcopal ordination in the country following...

New bishop for Sandhurst

He's a teaching professor with a physics degree and doctorate in philosophy. Meet Fr Mackinlay.
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