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Sydney’s baptism boom has us beaming with pride

At the Paschal Eucharist Mass on 21 April, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP welcomed a record number new Catholics as “fully fledged brothers and sisters in Christ” into the “one spiritual family.” The archbishop called the new Catholics “international superstars,” relaying news that this year’s “bumper crop” of 250 new catechumens and candidates had made international headlines

Sixteen children baptised at Easter in Berala

At the Easter Vigil this year, St Peter Chanel and St Joseph the Worker parish welcomed 16 children from the parish schools as new members of the church through the Rite of Baptism, many of whom had first learned about God through their school.

Meet Sydney’s newest Catholics joining the church this Easter

Priska Surantono’s 5-year journey to Catholicism began in the most unlikely of places—Mecca. In July 2019 she made the Islamic pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, known as Umrah, where adherents come before the Kaaba, a shrine considered the holiest site in Islam, for prayer and worship.

New document on the validity of sacraments

I understand that the Holy See has issued a new document in Italian on the validity of the sacraments. Is there anything new in it that we priests should be aware of in our pastoral ministry?

Q and A with Fr John Flader: The role of grandparents

Dear Father, you wrote that we grandparents should not baptise our grandchildren when their parents have not had it done. But what can we do then? I really feel for these beautiful children growing up without any faith.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Grandparents and baptism

My married children do not practise their faith and, in spite of the encouragement of my wife and me, they have not had their...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Receive the gift

This is the homily given by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP at the Solemn Mass for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, 25 June 2023.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Transmission of Original Sin

Dear Father, are Catholics supposed to believe that original sin was committed by a single pair of humans, called Adam and Eve? If so, how was the sin passed on to their offspring? I have never understood this.

Baptism resource to bring sacrament alive

The Sydney Centre for Evangelisation (SCE) has produced a landmark new resource on the sacrament of baptism, highlighting the central part it plays in the life of Christians and helping Catholics and non-Catholics alike in answering some common questions they may have about it.

Philippa Martyr: Set priorities, and all else follows

If we’re really serious our focus is the reality of Jesus and His love - and what it means for us in daily life I...

To be Christian is to be different

One of the many positive fruits of the Royal Commission is an increased attentiveness to the poison of clericalism: the misuse of a service...

The Answer to Ayla’s prayer

When Ayla Casey asked for a sign to let her know God is real, she didn’t expect it to be an actual sign. Early in...
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