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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Dr Philippa Martyr: The Spirit’s tough, but not a disruptor

Do you know who the Holy Spirit is? Could you recognise Him in action? The Plenary Council set out to discern what the Holy Spirit...

Monica Doumit: The day I became a ‘crumb maiden’

It is an unflattering term, coined by Guardian journalist Amy Remeikis and adopted by Twitter elites, to refer to women who uphold power structures in order to benefit from the crumbs. Crumb maidens defend the patriarchy because they are sustained by it, even in just a small way.

Preoccupations led to important gaps

A plenary focus on governance at the expense of discipleship is short-sighted I was both excited and perplexed when the Bishops called us into a...

The Harvest, the Eucharist, the Laity and the Missing

The Catholic Weekly speaks to three members preparing for the upcoming Plenary Council.

Hmmm … the Independent Advisory Group’s Governance report

The Governance Report in its current form has good points, but there are too many signs that it will try to engineer doctrinal change through governance change
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