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Melto D’Moronyo: A budding Maronite saint

By Dr Margaret Ghosn mshf Elias Boutros Howayek, born 4 December 1843 in Helta, North Lebanon, went on to become a priest (1870-1899), bishop (1889-1899)...

Lenten fasting, the Maronite way

In Lent we fast to deny ourselves and draw closer to God. Fasting from food is just one way we can do that ...
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Catholics share in regret

Maronite Bishop Antoine Tarabay has told the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, that Catholics “share your disappointment” over the shelved Religious Discrimination Bill during a service in Adelaide for the Feast of St Maroun.

Yes, I’m not Arab

At 25 years old I was baptised into the Maronite Catholic Church. Adult baptisms aren’t particularly common in the Eastern Rite churches, especially for someone who isn’t marrying into the faith and even more rare for someone like me ...

Melto D’Moronoyo: The Pattern of Heaven on Earth

By Fr Yuhanna Azize God created the world, and His creation bears the trace of His work (Psalm 19:1). Syriac and Maronite spirituality looks on the...

Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay: Reflections on the Plenary

I will begin by saying that my experience in this first session of the Plenary was as beautiful as it was challenging, and there...

Melto D’Moronoyo: The beauty of the priesthood

Priesthood within the Catholic Church is something that is really quite beautiful. It brings together different expressions across multiple liturgical traditions, religious orders, languages, and...

Maronites Down Under

The Maronites trace their beginnings to Saint Maroun who led a monastic life in the fourth century in Syria. His way of living attracted...

Pope calls for prayers for Lebanon

Pontiff appeals to international community to do all it can while local Maronites launch disaster appeal.
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Out of India: the Dukhrana of St Thomas

The memorial feast of St Thomas the Apostle on 3 July does not get a mention in the Ordo this year, because it falls...