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Del Noce’s response to the modern atheist age

Counter-Catholic trends in the contemporary Western world are well-known to the average person in the pews: the banishing of religion from the public sphere and the embrace of atheism as a “liberation” from religion, the ever-present eroticism of everyday life, the notion that Christianity is on the “wrong side of history.”

Woke PC culture: it’s beyond rational defence

Those defending political correctness (now rebadged as being woke) argue it is a form of politeness and civility and it pressures people to treat...

The cost of chucking out God

The Sexual Revolution of the 60s was, in its essence, a revolution against the reality of who we are In the space of a generation,...

Francis Maier: The world wakes up to del Noce

Augusto Del Noce, who died in 1989, ranked as one of Italy’s leading public intellectuals. His seminal text, Il problema dell’ateismo (“The Problem of Atheism”), first published in 1964, has never gone out of print in his homeland.

The Blessed Virgin Mary in history

The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated on September 8 follows by nine months the Feast of her Immaculate Conception...
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