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Legalised killing in NSW jumps hurdle

Parliament passes euthanasia bill, now fate of end-of-life care rests with Upper House MPs.

Peter Rosengren: Catholics, act now to stop this travesty

To get into a car while inebriated and kill others, with or without intention, is morally wrong. It has always been wrong and it...

Monica Doumit: Why the scramble to push a law that will...

Inquiry into death bill 'politicking'? Give me a break On Tuesday of last week, the NSW Legislative Council voted to send Alex Greenwich’s deadly bill...

Eileen, pray for us!

Archbishop Fisher urges prayers for intercession of sainthood candidate in NSW euthanasia crisis.

Lobby your MP now

MPs urge state’s citizens to act over euthanasia plans.

Monica Doumit: Diabolical in the detail

Four years ago NSW politicians voted down a dodgy dying Bill, this one is even worse Last week, I wrote about the irresponsible timing of...

Doctors’ dire warning on euthanasia push

Talks across Sydney will explode the sentimental myths used to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia Experts including specialist palliative care doctors will give key talks...

Calls grow for death law inquiry

Medical, political and faith leaders demand scrutiny of Tasmania's draft assisted suicide legislation Demand for an inquiry into Tasmania’s proposed assisted suicide law is growing as...

Case reveals coercion to die

Pro life advocates say QLD case reveals danger to vulnerable people if assisted suicide is legalised.

Distress at dying law plans in Tasmania

There is strong opposition to proposed laws to be tabled in Parliament in September.
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Lockdowns sparked a mental health crisis

Juliette Kirkwood began work as a Community Care Worker in CatholicCare’s parish program a year and a half ago, but grew up in South-Western...

Don’t forget Fairfield

Seeing the cross up close