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Mums go back to school to rediscover passions

Like most modern mums, 33-year-old Blue Mountains artist Alessandra Doyle can split her life into two very distinct chapters—before kids and after kids. She says the Catholic Women’s Network has helped her to integrate all of her God-given gifts.

Blake Prize review: The migration of the sacred

Sydney artist Shireen Taweel was the worthy recipient of the 68th Blake Prize for religious and spiritual art for her installation Shoe Bathers. The artwork signifies the sacred in migration at a time when the local is reasserting itself over the global, and points to a way forward out of the tired paradigm of polemical contemporary art.

Have can, will paint

Saint Mary Mackillop could not have imagined she would one day be depicted in spray paint by a heavily-tattooed artist - but judging by the finished product she would be well pleased.

Art for God’s sake

Canadian author Michael D. O’Brien, also an accomplished sacred artist, is regarded by many as the greatest living Catholic novelist.

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Life, Art and the Grace of God

The Catholic Weekly spoke to Daniel via Zoom in Illinois, where he lives with his wife Michelle and their four young children aged 12 and under.

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Art, talent flourish in adversity

On the outskirts of Sydney lives an extraordinary artist whose work is bringing others closer to Christ. Syriac Catholic Ghusoon Durdur and her family were...

Secondary school masterpiece

YouTube may not be a classic source of inspiration for young artists, but it was for Lily Webster. Watching videos of artists creating "speed drawings",...

Australian Iconographer celebrates a triple jubilee

Popular Australian iconographer Michael Galovic says he is full of gratitude for a career spanning half a century which has included artistic opportunities beyond...

Brushing up on a great career

For Lakshman Ramesh, the hardest part of entering a portrait in the prestigious Young Archies was deciding who to paint. And after much soul searching...
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