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Champion for the New Evangelisation to speak at Conference

Catholics wanting to evangelise should start with the people they know, urges Archbishop Julian Porteous of Hobart in the leadup to Sydney’s Parish Renewal...

The problem with the ‘conservative’ faith

Conservative opposition to the Plenary's proposed reforms prophesies doom for the Church. Dr Michael Leahy hopes the prophets are correct

Archbishop Porteous sounds alarm on Plenary proposals

In wide-ranging critical feedback on the Plenary Council's draft proposals, the Archbishop of Hobart said the Church 'lacks confidence'

Archbishop Porteous: ‘I sense a Church that has lost confidence’

The Plenary Council organisers are currently considering feedback on "Towards the Second Assembly", the latest working document, which contains draft propositions to be voted...

A vision for a Plenary

In his pared-back but very timely new book, Foundations: Preparing the Church in Australia for the Plenary Council and Beyond, Archbishop Julian Porteous of...

Calls grow for death law inquiry

Medical, political and faith leaders demand scrutiny of Tasmania's draft assisted suicide legislation Demand for an inquiry into Tasmania’s proposed assisted suicide law is growing as...

Distress at dying law plans in Tasmania

There is strong opposition to proposed laws to be tabled in Parliament in September.

Plenary 2020: the creeping clericalisation of the laity

The commitment of lay persons is politicised when the laity is absorbed by the exercise of power within the Church.  That happens when the Church is not seen in terms of the mystery of grace that characterises her, but rather in sociological or even political terms.

The indispensable role of the priest

The nature of the Catholic priesthood can only be understood in reference to Christ, for the priesthood is ‘a derivation, a specific participation in and continuation of Christ Himself, the one High Priest of the new and eternal Covenant.

Plenary 2020: an inclusive Church?

We accept everyone - it sounds so nice. But you can’t be a Christian without repentance and conversion, without the attempt to change your...
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Eyes on the world

One of Australia’s leading news photographers Brendan Esposito has built a career out of running head-on into mayhem, and says much of what makes...