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Archbishop announces further easing of restrictions

Church closures felt like "the Babylonian exile" Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has announced that a further easing of restrictions in NSW will allow every parish...

More Catholics find it’s great to be back

As churches reopen regulars are counting blessings and some say their faith has become stronger.

Catholics petition for equal treatment

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP says believers are being ignored in the easing of restrictions in NSW.

Archbishop presses for church closures to be reversed

Archbishop Fisher OP writes to Premier with request In his fourth pastoral letter relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP expressed his hope...

Archbishop welcomes court decision

Archbishop Fisher also acknowledged the Cardinal Pell news may reopen wounds of abuse survivors.

Virus is ‘not God’s punishment’

'Sometimes bad things happen to good people', as Archbishop Fisher promises support for all affected by pandemic.

Archbishop Fisher leads action on coronavirus

Call to pray to Our Lady of Lourdes as guidelines released, primary school closed for cleaning Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has urged the faithful to...

Newest saint key on authentic conscience

St Newman’s teaching on conscience is "timely" amid current debates about religious freedom.

Archbishop offers Mass prayer for rain

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has shared a prayer to be said before Masses for rain to end the "devastating drought and fires across our...

Sydney Archbishop’s Christmas Homily: “Find yourself in Christ”

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, gathered to celebrate Christmas mass at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney
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Brothers in Arms

These siblings were ordained priests on the same day, but what drives two young men to give their lives over in service to God...