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Prayer shouldn’t be our best-kept secret

One of my former students converted to Islam because he found that the regularity of Muslim prayer gave him inner peace and a sense of purpose. Far too many ex-Catholics abandon the faith without ever having encountered the depths of our own prayer tradition, writes Anthony Cleary

Christmases change, but Christ remains the same

I suspect that I am like many Catholic Weekly readers in that some of my earliest and clearest memories are of Christmases past.

Anthony Cleary: Each name comes with dreams and hopes

The final hours of my father’s life were eerily silent, broken only by his occasional laboured breathing. He laid unconscious, his brain and body ravaged by a devastating stroke.

Anthony Cleary: Catholics should be comfortable with difference

Growing up, I was acutely aware of people’s judgement of difference. My older brother Jim was disabled. Sadly, his physical challenges drew the attention and sometimes ridicule of others, especially young people. We were both aware of the stares that he attracted. We were aware too of the way in which people avoided eye contact, and occasionally their desire to keep a safe distance from him.

Anthony Cleary: The right question can put us on a good...

As a young boy growing up, I was fascinated by the epic religious films of the 1950s and 1960s. They were iconic—grand in scale and long in screentime. They deepened my interest in the life of Jesus and sparked a love of history. In a very real way, these classic films laid the early foundations of my vocation as a teacher of religion and history.

Anthony Cleary: Our free speech comes with responsibilities

Living in a Western democracy generally assures citizens a range of rights and personal freedoms. With these, of course, come clear responsibilities. A right that...

The importance of listening

Rather than silencing others we should hear what they think about the things that are important to them A recurring theme of the Bible is...

HSC study to deliver credits

Year 12 students who complete the ‘Studies in Catholic Thought’ subject as part of their HSC will now be eligible to receive credit towards...

Anthony Cleary: Dialogue – in a Christ-centred environment

Over time, most organisations find a need to reflect upon their core business and people’s understanding of and commitment to it. No group is immune...

Anthony Cleary: The Lost Art of Civil Disagreement.

Sadly, there is little tolerance for divergent views. Instead, there is an aggressive push for cultural conformity

Service and Sacrifice on Anzac Day

Anzac Day, a solemn day of remembrance, has a long and rich history – full of tradition

Archbishop’s awards honour students

Gongs given for excellence, faith and values to quiet achievers and most inspirational.
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