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Father Ian Ker: Newman’s brilliant interpreter

We first met Fr Ian Ker (Ker pronounced “car”) in Australia in the early 1990s.  It was in a slightly comical but telling circumstance...

JPII’s theological timebomb

Leading educators tell how the Theology of the Body inspires their work St Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, his synthesis of the...

Man of faith for every season

Bob Denahy showed the difference a father can make for his family - and the world It has been pointed out by commentators in The...

Anna Krohn: On crimes and consequences

The incredible courage of Judith Ann Reisman The Hebrew word associated with the virtue of Judith, the ancient Jewish “saviour” of her people is “ometz...

Anna Krohn: The Church is not a City with Closed Doors

Some Melbourne priests told us last week that they had been barred from entering even where the patients had requested a priest

Why now for a Marian consecration of Australia?

This does not give us an anaesthetic from our pain or a type of cocky remoteness from tribulations of the world- but it does unite us in hopeful solidarity while “in exile” with the Christ-focussed and grace-filled strength and love of the faithful Mother of the Covenant, Mary of Nazareth.

A church prepared to bark: keeping warm hearts and cool heads...

Like a scene from a French comedy, Fr De Maistre’s altar server (also a policeman) engaged in a lively negotiation with the invading gendarmes

Rediscovering home in a time of pandemic

The second epidemic is destructive in other ways, even more infectious than the first disease, spreading irrational fear, blind panic and brute selfishness.

In debt for doctor’s far-reaching vision for the culture of life

It’s said that if you aren’t on social media you don’t exist. The frightening cultural amnesia bequeathed by this nostrum was brought home at...

Anna Krohn: An Australian end

It seemed both fitting and especially poignant for staff and students that the final graduation ceremony of the Melbourne Session of The John Paul...
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