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Out of the Heart of Darkness

When Lilian Akello was 32, members of the Lord’s Resistance Army killed her two sons, then kidnapped her. “I lived in the forest for several...

From Manly to Malawi

“I was sitting on the floor with little Christina who was dying, helping her forgive her mother who had died from AIDs a few months earlier.

Q&A with Fr John Flader: The campaign for death

I come from Africa, where the health system is nowhere near as good as it is here, so that consequently more people die in...

Kidnapped priest tells of harrowing ordeal

Fr Maccalli never doubted his mission, praying for those who kept him captive in Africa.

Pope reveals African priorities

The environment and greater solidarity were among concerns raised by Pope Francis in Africa.
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Out of India: the Dukhrana of St Thomas

The memorial feast of St Thomas the Apostle on 3 July does not get a mention in the Ordo this year, because it falls...