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Friday, June 21, 2024
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From atheist to catechist: How becoming Catholic saved Bruce Missen’s life

It’s been a long road from atheist to evangelist but one that saved Bruce Missen’s life. With a young family and promising career in law enforcement ahead of him, the Revesby father-of-two had the world at his feet, until the unthinkable happened.

Philippa Martyr: Be clear on what the Pope said about women...

Let's be clear on the Pope's letter about women at Mass I wasn’t planning to weigh in on Pope Francis’ recent Motu proprio recognising that...

Fr Flader: Women acolytes and lectors

“Dear Father, I understand the Pope has recently allowed women to be acolytes and lectors in church. I have seen women carrying out these...

Dozens of new acolytes called to serve

Unlike many school leavers who were hitting the books last Sunday for pre-HSC cramming, John Parajo joined an impressive procession of lay men into...
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