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Message for the whole world

By Debbie Cramsie and Jude Hennessey Abdallahs share the lesson of forgiveness forged in the heart of tragedy with Rome audience Sydney’s Abdallah family were given...

Off to Rome. Abdallahs to address families

When Leila Abdallah lost her three children, the world wept with her … now she wants the world to forgive with her and is using her invitation to the Vatican by Pope Francis to help share her message.

Get involved in i4give

Sydney couple Danny and Leila Abdallah are hoping to inspire people of faith across Australia through a dedicated community event, i4give Week (1-7 February), drawing upon their powerful witness to the love of Christ in forgiving a drunk and drugged diver who killed their children nearly two years ago.

‘God is my rock’ says Leila as the Abdallah family share...

Everyone cried with us, now share in our joy, says Danny In a moment of joy shared by people around the country and the world,...

Honouring lost loved ones during November

A bereavement support initiative of Bridget Sakr, whose young daughter Veronique was killed along with three cousins by a car in 2020, will be...

Monica Doumit: Time to make a habit of forgiveness

A yearly fresh reminder of the good, beautiful, true “I know the guy, he was drunk, driving on the streets. Right now, I can’t hate...

Mothers say faith has kept them going

The mothers of four children killed in Oatlands tragedy say God has helped them persevere.

Veronique Sakr farewelled with love

"God has prepared me for today," said Bridget Sakr at the funeral for her daughter killed in Oatlands tragedy.

Something astonishing is happening in Oatlands tragedy

Each night I read a bit from the Gospels to my young sons. One thing that strikes me is how Jesus’ preaching was often...
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