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Monica Doumit: Oatlands memorial shows new life blossoms forth from tragedy

Seeing little Selina Abdallah playing at the launch of a memorial to her family's tragedy was a sign that grace can bring light out of darkness, writes Monica Doumit

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese: Abdallah and Sakr families show us our...

"The light of your grace brightens the way for all of us, especially for the most important journey of all—the journey that each of us must take into our own hearts."

PM, Premier join Abdallah and Sakr families for memorial garden opening

The PM, NSW Premier and other dignitaries joined Danny and Leila Abdallah, Bridget Sakr and Craig Mackenzie, their extended family and friends for the blessing of the Oatlands memorial to Antony, Angelina, Sienna and Veronique

Big tree, big hearts, big blessings

At the Abdallah house, Christmas is big. The family is big, their faith is big and so their Christmas tree has to be big.

i4Give inspires faith

Maronite Bishop Antoine Tarabay has praised the Abdallah and Sakr families for bringing many Christians back to the practice of their faith through their powerful public witness of their religion following the tragic deaths of their four children two years ago.

Abdallah and Sakr families launch ‘National Day of Forgiveness’ – i4Give...

i4Give Day, therefore, not only commemorates the children but intends to raise awareness of the power forgiveness in healing emotional trauma in the each of our lives

Anthony Cleary: The Cross and Christian discipleship

From time to time we have moments in life that we describe as ‘life-changing’. These experiences commonly involve places we visit and people we meet. They...

Learning to forgive

I recently saw the beautiful television program about the families whose four young children had been killed in an accident but forgave the driver....

Despite crisis, Christ’s resurrection overcomes all, says Archbishop at Easter

Offer this Easter celebration of the Holy Eucharist and your hunger for it, for the safety of your loved ones, yourselves and our world at this time. God is not limited by our separation

Liturgy sees Sydney unite behind grieving Abdallah family

Despite the grief, the last week has seen remarkable moments of faith emerge from the grieving Abdallah family and the wider Maronite community.
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