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Life as a Catholic in an 1821 colony

Convicts and former convicts found themselves in a strange land. What did they find here and what was important to them?

A house of God for old Sydney town

It is significant that a man as prominent and well-connected as Campbell became the Committee’s treasurer. It was obviously strategic

In the beginning: St Mary’s Cathedral bicentenary

The Bicentenary of St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, celebrates much more than just a sandstone building. For two hundred years, St Mary’s Cathedral has been extravagantly,...

A Unique Aussie Bicentenary

Catholic dioceses across Australia have held simultaneous Masses on 24 May to mark the 200th anniversary of Catholic schools in the country. At St Mary's...

Tony Farley goes back to school

50 years on from his first day at the St. Mary’s Campus of Marist Catholic College North Shore, Sydney Catholic Schools Executive Director Tony...
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