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Sydney students eye unique uni offer

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The University of Wollongong’s Stewart Mailer explains the scholarships to students from Sydney Catholic Schools. PHOTO: Alphonsus Fok

Year 12 students looking for university options should consider the opportunity of a lifetime: a generous scholarship program being offered by the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation and Wollongong University.

That’s the message from Sydney Catholic Schools’ Director of Religious Education and Evangelisation, Anthony Cleary.

A total of 30 scholarships are up for grabs each valued at $30,000 a year for up to five years for NSW or ACT students wishing to study the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation.

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The course can be studied alone or taken as part of a double degree at the centre’s partner universities. While the exact amount is to be determined, scholarships will cover residential and other necessary costs associated with studies.

Sydney Catholic Schools is happy to promote the scholarship program, said Mr Cleary, who recently took a group of six Year 12 Catholic school students to a weekend information session held at the Ramsay Centre in Sydney’s CBD.

Anthony Cleary talks to students and parents at the Ramsay Scholarship presentation. PHOTO: Alponsus Fok

The centre aims at promoting studies and discussion associated with the establishment and development of western civilisation, including through robust liberal arts and humanities courses.

“It is quite an unique opportunity and we want to ensure that our young people do some serious reflection about the value of studying a course such as this as they approach the end of their schooling,” Mr Cleary said.

“The scholarship will enable future leaders to prepare for ever-increasing political and social complexities, or even turmoil, while being deeply grounded in the stability and richness of the western tradition from which come many of the benefits we enjoy today.”

Joshua Lane, Year 12 student at Aquinas College Menai, said he was encouraged by the visit to apply for the “truly unique” degree.

“For a student such as myself who has a keen interest in literature and history, this is the perfect course,” he said.

“It comes with many features that appeal to me, such as international exchange programs, small class sizes promoting active discussion, and the ability to combine it with a law degree, along with the scholarship opportunity from the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation.

“This scholarship would be a huge benefit to my studies, in ways such as not having to find a part-time job and allowing more time for study, as well as the opportunity to live on campus.

“This scholarship and degree would no doubt be life changing, and a perfect opportunity for students such as myself who have a passion for the humanities.”

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