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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Sydney Catholic Schools Boss goes Facebook LIVE

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And we’re back!

Schools are allowed to reopen from Monday 25 May.

And with that fantastic news, Sydney Catholic Schools Executive Director Tony Farley in collaboration with the Connect newsletter, has decided to appear in a Facebook LIVE Q&A on Friday 22 May at 4.30pm to answer your questions about the return to school plan and how SCS intended to keep schools COVID-safe.

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This live event and unprecedented access to the SCS boss comes as Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell touted the success of the phased return to face to face teaching, saying the two-week period has demonstrated the education community is ready for school to go back full-time.

The success of the two-week staggered return to school is a promising sign for all schools and the for the community at large, signalling a turning of the corner in Australia’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

“The health advice is very clear;” said Ms Berejiklian, “A return to full-time face to face teaching is safe.”

Even so, it is understandable that some parents will have reservations about sending their children back, and some teachers may be apprehensive about what the increased contact means for their health.

Sydney Catholic Schools Executive Director Tony Farley

That’s why Mr Farley and the Connect newsletter are inviting you to send in your questions and tune in on Friday on the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Facebook page, where Mr Farley will answer as many of your questions as possible.

Tony Farley oversees the organisation of Sydney’s 150 Catholic schools. He and his team have been working closely with Federal and NSW Governments, along with the NSW Health and Education Departments, to advise Sydney Catholic Schools on the best measures to help reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19, consistent with the best information and medical knowledge available.

The health and safety of every student, teacher and employee of Sydney Catholic Schools has been the highest priority of the SCS team.

To send in your questions please email [email protected] or head to the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Facebook page.

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