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Surprise visit from an Australian Idol

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A surprise visit by Guy Sebastian to an inner-city primary school has put them on the international stage with more than 5 million views of the performance worldwide.

The choir at Haberfield’s St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School were rehearsing the aptly titled tune “Choir” when the writer of the song burst in and starting singing.

The Voice coach was greeted with stunned-silence as he danced into the hall unannounced, asking the completely star-struck young singers ‘What’s happened you are not singing?’.

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And if that wasn’t enough, he then gave the whole school an exclusive performance of his brand new song Standing With You, the first time he had performed it in public and which has since hit the Top 10 singles charts.

Footage of the surprise visit quickly went viral on social media and attracted attention from all over the world.

All 200 students of the school have now written to the singer thanking him for the surprise visit while the performer acknowledged it was an absolute “honour” to sing with the young choir and try out his new song on them.

All 200 students of the school have now written to the singer thanking him for the surprise visit.

“It’s really cool that the first time we did Standing With You in public was in front of kids,” he said.

“It was also the first time I’ve sung a song live in front of people since COVID, so it was really special that it was at a small school with such talent and heart as the St Joan Of Arc Catholic Primary School.

“What an emotional and beautiful day … big love to everyone involved and all the wonderful kids – you truly touched my heart.”

Another heart that was touched was that of Boh Bargwanna, one of the solo singers who said singing with Guy was something “she’ll never forget”.

The Year 6 chorister, who Guy compliments on her “good voice” in the video, said performing with the superstar was like a dream come true.

“I still can’t believe it, it was so cool, we were all shocked, surprised and uplifted,” she beamed.

“He was so great and it was so much fun, he danced, fist pumped the kids and answered all our questions.

“And I really didn’t believe he said anything about my singing until I watched the video back. He actually said I was really good.

“It was something I know none of us will ever forget.”

School principal Des Cox said all the hard work and secrecy about the visit was more than worthwhile just seeing the expressions on the students faces alone.

Guy Sebastian listens to the school choir singing his classic “Choir” from backstage, ready to surprise the students.

He said the choir thought they were being filmed by Sydney Catholic Schools and couldn’t believe it when the superstar burst in.

“This will long be remembered at St Joan of Arc, Haberfield, as “The day we welcomed a new Guy to our school,” Mr Fox said.

“The surprise as he entered soon turned to elation and excitement when we all realised that the guy singing with our Choir was THE Guy actually singing his own song ‘Choir’.”

“Amazing how an out of the ordinary experience can help put some normal back into our children’s lives.”

The school choir is now busily learning the multi-award winning ARIA performer’s new song Standing With You and has invited him to come back again and check in on their progress … we’ll keep you updated if that happens.

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