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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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See Melinda Tankard Reist in Sydney

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“I hesitantly went to Melinda’s talk about children being sexualised in the media thinking it was going to be a sensationalist attempt to make me feel bad as a parent. During her introduction I realised it was the best 50 steps I took from the car to the auditorium and 90 minutes later, I had quantifiable evidence and authentic strategies to help educate my children against the normalisation of women and girls as sexual objects in the media.” – a Sydney parent.

And another parent said, “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my child”.

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While leading Australian author of Raising Boys and Raising Girls, Steve Steve Biddulph AM said: “Melinda is probably the world’s best presenter on the damage advertisers and pornography do to our children and teens – often when we don’t even know. Her highly visual presentations will knock your socks off. You will be left angry in the very best way and be so much better equipped to talk to, and protect, your kids.”

And a Sydney Catholic School educator: “As a teacher and parent I recommend all parents, in fact all people, attend a talk by Melinda – it will open your eyes and awaken your subconscious.”

You have the opportunity to hear Melinda Tankard Reist speak at a free event at Aquinas Catholic College at Menai next Wednesday night.

She will provide strategies for dealing with your children’s exposure to hypersexualised material as well as  provide ways of protecting your children from exposure to porn, reveal the online warzone they face every day and how you can help empower them against a sexed-up world.

Melinda Tankard Reist on why you should attend:

“Have you noticed that your children seem to be growing up too fast? That they are worried about their appearance and more aware of sexual issues at earlier stages?

Latest figures reveal the average first age of exposure to pornography is just 11, with 100 per cent of 15-year-old males and 80 per cent of 15-year-old females reporting that they have been exposed to violent, degrading online pornography.

It starts early and it’s everywhere.

Children and young people are bombarded with hypersexualised messages from media and popular culture. Even small children are worried about their looks and physical appearance, shaped and conditioned at the earliest of ages by a dominant message that tells them they have to be ‘hot’ to be liked and accepted.

The lives of young people are increasingly socialised, conditioned and informed by porn-related content online. They are exposed to this content not only before they have had sex, but often before their first kiss.

In this pornified landscape, young people are ‘acting out’ through social media and sexting, putting their bodies on display for attention and judgement.

How will they be able to form healthy respect-based relationships in future when pornography is their formative environment.

Drawing from current global literature on the subject, I will explore with parents and teachers how the proliferation of sexualised images and messages contributes to a distorted view of bodies, relationships and sexuality, hampering their children’s healthy physical, emotional and social development.

I will address this toxic culture and how to raise happy, healthy resilient kids today.”

Hear Melinda Tankard Reist speak at Aquinas Catholic College, Menai next Wednesday night at 7pm.

It’s a free night. Just register your interest here: [email protected]

Look forward to seeing you there!

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