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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Remains in Rome: Excavations uncover ancient masterpieces

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Discoveries are being made in Rome where a lead pipe with the name of the emperor Caligula, who ruled between 37 and 41 AD was discovered less than a mile from St Peter’s Square. The foundations of what was once a building along the river were also found.

The discovery was made thanks to the construction of the city of Rome ahead of the Jubilee year. Work at this location began in August 2023 to create a tunnel to make the area near the Vatican more walkable.

“It is not simply an underpass, which is already a challenging work. But it is an underpass involving the relocation of one of the largest and strongest sewers in the city. So, it is really a masterpiece of engineering,” said Roberto Gualtieri, Mayor of Rome.

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These were not the only remains found. The construction also revealed an ancient Roman laundry and several mosaics that will be moved to the nearby Castel Sant’Angelo.

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