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Proposed school inspired by saint and Italy

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A screenshot of the Emiliani Italian School Facebook Page.
A screenshot of the Emiliani Italian School Facebook Page.

A new independent bi-lingual K-12 College, proposed to be built in Sydney’s South West, has officially been named Emiliani Italian College, in honour of Somascan founder Saint Jerome Emiliani.

The announcement was made by Marco Testa, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Emiliani Italian College, via the college’s Facebook Page and live-streamed on 3 October.

“We had the opportunity to consider various options for naming the college,” said Mr Testa.
“The final choice fell on Emiliani, a personality linked to the Italian heritage, to the world of Catholic education and to pedagogy.”

Highlighting the notable Italian figures and saints that have been educated at schools in Italy connected with the Somascan Fathers, Mr Testa spoke on the college’s future relationship under the order’s charism.

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“The Somascans have recently settled in Sydney and we hope to develop with them a greater synergy based on the knowledge of the charism of the religious order, whose educational drive is synonymous with excellence and things Italian,” said Mr Testa.

“The charisma of the Somascan Fathers will therefore provide the students at Emiliani Italian College with a Catholic and historically Italian mission, unique in its nature, which we will come to know as the Somascan Tradition.”

The new Independent College will have a Catholic focus that embraces the Italian language and in particular its rich culture and heritage with an emphasis on providing a communal focus and portal to aspects of the greater community.

For more information, contact the college at [email protected] or via the Emiliani Italian College Facebook Page.

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