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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Pope meets with priests who have been ordained for more than 40 years

Rome Reports
Rome Reports
ROME REPORTS is a private, independent television news agency based in Rome, Italy, specialising in covering the Pope and the Vatican.

The pope met with priests from his diocese who have been ordained for 40 or more years, with some who had spent the majority of their lives as priests.

Many people came to see him in person as his visit to this parish had been announced in anticipation of his visit.

Pope Francis spent almost two hours with these priests discussing pastoral issues and the difficulties they face, such as loneliness. Altogether, there were about 70 men.

Following this, the pope met with a completely different audience.

More than 100 children from the parish spent some time with Pope Francis. Many of them preparing for their first Holy Communion.

Pope Francis has organised several visits to parishes in the diocese of Rome to meet with priests based on how many years they have been ordained.

On 29 May, he will meet with the newest priests, those ordained in the last 10 years. And later with those ordained between ’84 and 2014.

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